Back to Cali with Flores Lane’s candles

Close your eyes and just breath!

Here I am, almost one year later my trip to California, to talk about some special memory and their scent. Exactly, because you can actually take with you not only memories of your travels as souvenirs, postcards or pictures, but also the fragrances of the country you visited. A simple leaf on a book can still bring back to life places and visions. During my visit to L.A., one of the first places I had the pleasure to see was Big Red Sun: if you are in Venice you have to absolutely pay a visit to this landscape and garden designing shop. The blue door gives you access to a place where everything, plants, and objects, are carefully selected for the visitors. And was there that for the first time I saw the beautiful candles by Flores Lane. I am really picky with candles, most of them I find extremely unpleasant. Flores Lane has been able to recreate the scents of the west coast impeccably, finding the right combination of the essential oils inspired by the vegetation in California. As they claim: each candle is named after a different neighborhood in L.A., South Bay, New York City, and OKC, includes longitude and latitude coordinates along with the blend contained inside! I like to keep the little travel candles inside boxes with the analog pictures of my travels so that everything will smell like the places I have visited.





Another use, besides burning them, is rubbing the candle with the tip of my fingers and apply it on my skin, because the smell is so good and the ingredients are all natural! I randomly change the candle I keep on my night table, but the one that I like to have most is the Joshua Tree one: a blend of cactus blossom and sand verbena.

‘ Fernweh: an ache for distant places you’ve never been. “Craving for travel” ‘