Brand test: Hands on veggies & Pure Skin Food

We like to keep an eye to new organic brands and see if something consistent, performing and with a strong ethic is out there in the world of the skin care products and Hands on Veggies and Pure Skin Food are one of these. We tried their products for a couple of months and we are really enthusiast to have them now on our skin care. They are purely plant-based, that means they only have active ingredients and zero waste: the tubes are made from organically based plastic composed of sugar cane and are completely recyclable. What we appreciated is that every single product of these brands is honest in terms of ingredients and fragrances: the smell is totally natural as leaves, plant extracts, flowers or essential oils.

They are not trying – at all! – to cover with synthetic ingredients what nature is delivering to us: their mission to us seems just translating nature into skin care products to give its benefits to everyone. Both brands claim as follows: are 100% controlled organic, purely natural and effective ingredients – without exception! cold-pressed oils with the maximum in nutrients and active ingredient content pampering plant essences conditioning essential oils and, of course, offering cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics as listed on our labels! So let’s have a closer look at these magical products and read about our experience.



We care, not only about the products we put on our skin, but about our physical and social environment! Therefore, our products are vegan, sustainable and fairly produced.

Extra volume shampoo chilli and litsea by Hands on Veggies

This shampoo will make happy who has thin and flat hair that is easy to get greasy or dry. The texture is fluid and slightly creamy, the color is a nice mild saffron, I believe because of the litsea extract that gives a citrusy smell. The oil from this plant contains a percentage of alcohol, that works really good to regulate the sebum. As shown in the video it makes also a modest amount of light foam. I would not suggest using this shampoo if your hair is strong or curly, Hands on Veggies have on their shop other shampoos that will work for every kind of hair.

contains kaolin, Lactobacillus Ferment, rice protein
Energizing shower gel by Hands on Veggies

As for the shampoo, the shower gel has a similar texture, it works even better without sponge: simply adding a small amount in the palm of your hands and massaging your skin. A gentle foam will immediately activate. We find this shower gel perfect for this season: totally refreshing thanks to the ginger extract and uplifting. Is the one to choose in the morning or after the gym.

contains carrot, kale and lemon protein, rosmarinus leaf extract

The glass bottles used for packaging can be recycled or upcycled. The labels are made from biodegradable and vegan eco-friendly sheets. The flyers are composed of recycling paper as well as environmentally friendly, vegan ink.


Every person that I know, some more than others, has rosacea, so the first kit is a must-have, especially during the winter or the hot season when the skin is more sensitive to the change of temperature. Rosacea reacts really bad when we use extremely warm water or the cold one, so always use lukewarm water and prepare and protect your skin when going outside. We tried this kit and what we noticed is that skin was kinda pinching in the points where the mask has been applied. That’s because the toner together with the powder immediately helps the blood vessels to work better and be protected. The toner contains what you exactly need to calm down your rosacea: Achillea Millefolium Flower Water and Hamamelis Virginiana Water, both powerful anti-inflammatory. Hamamelis also helps to fight bacteria and acne. The powder is a perfect mix of Ruscus Aculeatus Root Powder, Lucuma Fruit Powder, Calendula Officinalis Flower Powder, Achillea Millefolium Flower Powder, Urtica Dioica Leaf Powder, Matricaria Chamomilla Flower Powder.

The ruscus is well known to increase the microcirculation, so is pretty normal that your face will be a bit red once you remove the mask. We noticed after 15 minutes that the pores were much better and the skin was literally glowing like new! This is not a surprise if we think that this mask contains also lucuma, which is rich in zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin b3, and iron. Just combine a bit of the toner with 1,5 teaspoon powder to make a paste and apply where you have rosacea for 15 minutes.

Stunning eyes beauty oil by Pure Skin Food

This is a product we were looking for ages: and Pure Skin Food just made it! They combined in this stick a blend of oils and extract that will let the skin under your eyes sing: the rich and nourishing argan and rapeseed oils, the refreshing cucumber seeds oil and the coffee extract that fights dark circles and puffy eyes. It gets absorbed pretty fast and does not burn the eyes at all, so it works really good also on the go.

Stunning beauty oil by Pure Skin Food

Beauty oils do not work great on my skin, but this is not the case. Each time I use face oils (no matters if argan or apricot), my skin gets pimples, especially on my forehead zone. So I have to be really careful when I use them and apply to my face. They have been able to make a product suitable for my skin. This blend, indeed, is perfect for mixed and oily skin: Moringa, Argan, Jojoba, Passionfruit, Primrose, Grapeseed and Nigella oils are the ideal combination to simultaneously nourish your skin and fight all the impurities. The Moringa has great cleansing properties against the dead cells and free radicals, while the passionfruit oil, loaded with vitamin A, has anti-aging benefits. No need to mention the nigella oil, widely known as antiseptic. Few drops of this oil leave your skin clean, moisturized and glowing. This product was one of my favorites so far!

Dental oil for pulling by Pure Skin Food

Here we are with a product that I would never think would change my routing washing my teeth. I was really skeptical thinking to wash the teeth ONLY with a blend of oil. I heard before about people using coconut oil, but I never tried this method before. After I gave it the first try, I just can imagine washing my teeth with a normal toothpaste anymore. Really. But what are the ingredients that make this oil so special? Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Black Seed Oil, Calendula Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Rosemary Extract. These oils fight the bacteria and plaque, make the surface of your teeth smooth and shining and your gums extremely health: never had my gums bleeding during the use and my breath was perfect. It leaves in your mouth a pleasant flavor as you had eaten a walnut, so really natural and neutral. You have to pull in your mouth for about 10 minutes, so ideally I start when having a shower! I’ve definitely improved my oral hygiene using this precious oil!

Our products are produced by hand in our factory located in Graz, Austria. The packaging used is made from recycled, plastic-free material and we place importance on climate-neutral delivery.