Our skin care essential – Summer ed.

Sharing with people skincare routine information and hearing also from others is something I’ve always loved to do.  This is, actually, the first time that I talk about this topic on Hygveg, and I am so happy to get the support of one of the most beloved brand out there: I+M Berlin. They started their adventure back into 1978, one year before I was born when the concept of organic, cruelty-free and vegan was not exactly what people were looking for at that time. And this knowledge today has reached such a state of perfection to have become one of the most important organic cosmetic brand in Germany. Today I+M has a big part in our daily skincare routine, and we want to share our impression and experience with you all! We actually use different brands, for different purposes! During the Summer we like to have light products, more like fluids, especially during the day, so the aloe based products are the best.


We start the day with a new product by Lavera: the hydro effect cleansing balm anti-pollution complex. As it claims, is a fresh fluid balm that washes your skin gently. If you like in the morning having something that instantly leaves your skin hydrated and smooth, this product is working like magic. It has aloe vera, enriched with extract of peach and mango fruits. The fluid equalize mallow & hyaluron by I+M (phyto balance series) does the rest because contains everything your skin needs to be moisturized, fresh and glowing during the day: aloe, hyaluron, mallow (antibacterial,  perfect for acne and eczema) arnica, lemon balm (healing and tightening in the skin) and oleander (anti-aging) extracts. For the protection of the eyes, nothing better than their eye balm: the anti-blue light technology is the twist that makes these products incredible!


The blue light, also known high energy visible light  (HEVL) is the natural part of the sunlight that is adjacent to the UV light in the light spectrum.  The blue light is not produced only by the sun, but also by the screen of our smartphones, computers etc. I+M has introduced this year the butterfly lilac plant extracts which has great results and benefits against the blue light effect.

We tried many beard oils this year, but most of them had a bad result on our skin because the oil used can be comedogenic: never forget that the oil you put on your beard gets in contact with your skin as well, so it’s really important to see the formulation. Again, I+M’s ingredients are the ones we were looking for. Their beard oil (wildlife for men series) is smart as it is: the main ingredient is the apricot oil, which texture is very close to human sebum, so get easily absorbed without clocking your pores. Macadamia, Argan and Avocado oil are the other great ingredients of this product, that smells so good, thanks to the lemongrass and absolutely not cloying as many beard oils out there. Spray deos era is over: it’s already a couple of years that we only use deo cream. We started with Schmidt’s cream deos, which we liked a lot, but the new fragrances offered by I+M are irresistible and the texture is really fluffy (almost a meringue). My favorite one is Spicy Energy, the scent is unisex (lime and vodka sorbet like) and it works 100%! I go to office by bike and when I leave I go to the gym as well and the deo cream is still working without signs of strain. In the evening, we use the 3 in 1 cleansing peeling mask by Lavera (without microplastic): it’s the easiest way to clean your face deep, having a mask (if you leave it for a couple of minutes one) and have a gentle peeling, which is great in the evening.



To end, we are trying the new brand The Ordinary, and they are offering great products at affordable prices. The vitamin C suspension 23% is water and oil-free: it has to be used in really tiny amounts and gives to the skin a great complex. The Caffeine solution 5% is one of our favorite products this year: is extremely refreshing and the high concentration of caffeine is precious to fight tired puffy eyes and dark circles. We use The Glycolica Face Mask 24% by Alkemilla, an Italian brand, once a week: it stimulates the collagen and elastin, working as peeling.

The Ordinary: Caffeine Solution 5%
The Ordinary: Caffeine Solution 5%