How did I decide to make my new little kitchen cozy and functional?

Which elements, choices, and colors did help me to achieve the balance I was looking for?
The kitchen is the place where the magic happens in my house: I enjoy the pleasure of cooking, finding new recipes to cook, and having all I need in the right place.

This last summer we moved into a new flat, it was pretty exciting but I was also terrorized by the fact that the kitchen was completely empty, pretty usual here in Berlin. We had a general concept for the apartment and a very earthy, natural color scheme that we wanted to apply to all the rooms, the kitchen included.

This idea of sticking to a limited color palette can be frustrating for someone, but it turns out to be extremely helpful when you need to make fast decisions.

Our kitchen is pretty small and has a peculiar shape that forces us to find specific solutions for every wall. It’s also the first room of our flat, so when you open the entrance door you see immediately the sink, the fridge, and the hob. The kitchen is a Metod “Askersund” system from Ikea, we opted for the natural wood finish to give relevance to the big ceramic sink in white.

Initially, we installed on the wall big white tiles as backsplash, but we never were convinced of this solution, so we ended up covering that part with 3d mosaic self-adhesive waterproof stickers that did the magic!

They were simple to apply, but it was quite an expensive solution. To completely change the personality of the kitchen, we decided to paint one of the walls. It took some time before we were convinced about the color we wanted: mushroom from Little Greene.

This color is incredibly versatile! It’s a warm, mute beige that with the light has a soft pinkish undertone. Painting a wall with such high-quality color has never been so easy for us. We carefully prepared the room, covering everything with newspapers and lightweight plastic sheeting, we isolated the corners and edges with the specific tape tacking and coating one section at a time.

Our kitchen is still incomplete though, we need shelves where to put our dishes, cooking books, and glasses, but the idea of taking our time and considering the right solution is really exciting.

From left to right: 01. African arrow bowl (Urban Outfitters US) 02. Sicilia Bowl (Octaevo) 03. Trivet caramel brown (OYOY) 04. Mushroom paint (Little Greene) 05. Seagrass lamp shade Henna ( 06. Terrazzo serving tray (HK Living) 07. Nina lamp (Harto) 08. Grinders nude (Muuto design) 09. Senseo milk twister (Philips) 10. Dish drainer rack powder (Hay) 11. Silicon spoons (Muji) 12. Stainless measuring cups (Ferm Living) 13. Ivy dishes (Urban Outfitters)

Sicilia Bowl Octaevo
Oyoy Trivet
Little Greene Mushroom paint Henna lamp
HK Living serving tray terrazzo
Muuto grinders
Philips Senseo Milk twister
Hay Dish drainer rack