Waiting is the new ritual

You are everything. Everything starts with you.

Waiting implicates thinking about your daily actions, having a plan, your own. We are living in a challenging time where we thought that smart working would have allowed us to enjoy more our rituals and build better daily routines: no stress in the morning to get a shower and have your breakfast, no need to look perfect every day, you can still do your tasks with that spot on your t-shirt: no one is going to notice it anyway. Indeed, I am starting to miss my bike route in the morning on the way to the office, preparing carefully my clothes the evening before, spending more time in the kitchen for my lunch box to take with me the day after. Indeed, the fact that most of us are spending more time at home, it doesn’t mean we are having great quality time or that this is helping us, somehow, to have a better life. I personally need a challenge within the challenge. I need to tackle more my routines with more consciousness and this means be patient and if I do feel overwhelmed, just sit and wait. So, sometimes, I wait before feeding my belly, replying to a message that has nothing to do with my priorities, buying something online. I ask myself 2 important questions:
1)Is it a priority?
2)Is it a long-lasting implementation in my lifestyle?

Though I am not expecting that everything should be a top priority, I still believe that intuition should play a big role in our life, it allows us to be connected to our instinct and do things without having only rewards in mind. Also, the simplicity, not necessarily intended as an exercise in minimalism, is a virtue. When it comes to body care, I try to be focused and do not allow distractions. Exploring is an interesting way to look for the products that work for you and this is how I’ve approached the Italian brand Wa:it. The idea to extend your body care ritual to 4 simple phases (ante, four, b-soffice, omni) it’s already an exercise to avoid unnecessary products that turn your bathroom into a chaos of plastic bottles and artificial fragrances.
Their ingredients completely reflect the intention of making the body care ritual a sensory, aromatic, and spiritual experience through a plant-based formula enriched with yuzu seed oil, packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, tsubaki seed oil, known as camelia japonica, rich of essential fatty acid, perilla seed oil, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory and rice brain oil to help keep your skin elastic and protected. It’s really suggestive the way the delicate scent of sunny color yuzu fruit (similar to lemongrass and orange zest) helps your mind to feel immediately restored and mellowed. Inspired by the ancient Japanese bathing culture, where they used to add the yuzu fruits in the bathwater to soothe the spirit during the winter solstice (yuzui), Wa:it has brought peace in my daycare routine.