A guide for a basic Christmas timeless decorations

Anse Vases

Christmas founds

Loving Christmas decorations is not something for everyone. But what if you destinate a little corner to it, creating a basic and yet suggestive atmosphere in your home? In this guide, I am going to show you how I do.

Surely is strange having a Christmas far from your family and siblings, in such a country like Germany, where everything smells of apple, spekulatius, and cinnamon: literally, this should be the season for Christmas markets and glüchwein.

I have always been the kind of person that wants to feel the Christmas vibe in the streets and window shops and not necessarily inside our home.

Because of all the restrictions, I thought it would be nice to have some Christmas decor, a bit minimalistic but effective.
You can have a great holiday feeling by picking up a few elements and here a little guide for you about my Christmas essentials for this year.

A big vase: Anse by Ferm Living is such a statement on your table, it’s made of rustic clay and its shape is classic and clean making it timeless. The height of 34cm it’s perfect for gathering nicely some red berry stems or your favorite flowers!

Anse vases by Ferm Living

Candles holders: the bowl shape is a must for this year. H&M just made available one in stoneware at an accessible price. It’s a beautiful piece for your table and goes perfectly with the Duo Candles by Ferm Living.

Incenses or more candles: I am obsessed with Hinoki and Mint incenses by Scentual. I am extremely picky with this category, so you need to trust me when I say that this fragrance is incredibly charming, fresh, and nostalgic.

Paper Christmas Tree: these from Sostrene Grene deliver the vibe so easily. I bought them in different sizes and nuances, this allows building a vignette on your window or table with more depth. They have a magnet to clip them with no effort.

Music: I always create my playlist on Spotify, a mix of classics and modern pieces, but if you are looking for something smooth, melancholic, and cool, Tracey Thorn has the perfect Christmas album for you, Tinsel and Lights.

Books: the elegant editions of the Snow Queen or The Fir Tree by Christian Andersen illustrated by Sanna Annukka are just perfect for kids and adults or even better: for adults who like spending some time with kids reading a timeless fairytale.

From left to right: The Snow Queen and The Fir Tree book illustrated by Sanna Annukka, stoneware candle holders by H&M, LP Tinsel and lights by Tracey Thorn, Hinoki Mint Incense by Scentsual, Paper Christmas Tree by Sostrene Grene, Anse vase and Uno candles by Ferm Living.


It’s coming on Christmas They’re cutting down trees. They’re putting up reindeer. And singing songs of joy and peace

Joni Mitchell