Time to detox your home: this is how I do.

Kinfill Forever Bottles

How to detox your home from chemical products.

During my move in March, I noticed how many products I possessed to clean my flat and because of that, I thought how wrong was to spend all this money on plastic bottles full of chemicals: I felt the urgency to do something about that.

If a good skincare routine is everything, then we should apply the same rule to household cleaners and tools we use daily, therefore I ended to write down a list of cleaning essential needs:

1) cleaning the tub and tiles
2) cleaning the surfaces
3) cleaning the floor
4) glass & mirror
4) dishwashing liquid
5) remove the dust

Looking at these simple 5 points, I can’t understand how I ended up having more than 10 products.

I immediately started to declutter and slowly replace my old products, once finished, with more sustainable choices:

Essentials cleaning products and tools
From top left: dishwashing liquid by Arket, dishcloth by Humdakin, dust brush by Redecker, dish brush by Meraki, clothes brush by Muji, forever bottles and refills by Kinfill, table brush by Iris Hantverk, dishcloth by Södahl.

1) Tub, tiles, floor, glass, and mirror: the forever bottles from Kinfill.

These bottles are in glass and you can reuse them infinitely, while the trigger is in reusable plastic. I use their refill tubes extracts with no harsh chemicals, toxin-free.

2)  Arket has its own home care line and bought their Verbena dishwashing liquid.

Their manufacture is in Sweden with renewable, organic, and biodegradable ingredients.

3) I use organic cotton knitted dishcloths from  Humdakin or Solwang and Södahl because they are functional and beautiful dishcloths in soft knitted fabric which makes them very absorbent and durable.

They come in different and beautiful colors or patterns, I opted for slightly dark colors to avoid visible spots after the use.

4) Brushes of all kinds to remove dust and crumbles.

The handcrafted dustbrush in pearwood from Redecker is exceptional so like the wood table brush from Iris Hantwerk and the clothes brush from Muji.

Finally, the dish brush by Meraki is really robust and will last for many months!

We have a responsibility, every one of us… we may think we live a long way from the oceans, but we don’t. What we actually do here, and in the middle of Asia and wherever, has a direct effect on the oceans – and what the oceans do then reflects back on us.

Davit Attenborough